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Did you know that in 1975, intangible assets accounted for 17% of company value in S&P 500? Today they account for 87%!

So while most companies can track tangible, physical assets; few can identify, value or manage the risks and opportunities around their far more valuable intangible assets. This leads to material hidden value and significant hidden risks.

Inability to do proper reporting of intangible assets leads to a host of problems for analysts, investors, boards, and stakeholders. With little information on particular assets, analysts’ assessments are not as accurate, forcing investors to act with one eye closed.

This, in turn, has negative effects on share price potential and failure to unlock value. Consequently, the lack of granular information on the true value of assets leaves boards and shareholders prone to hostile takeovers or selling and licencing individual assets that are below competitive prices.

Find out from this webinar the strategies of leveraging, valuing and mitigating risks around intangible assets for your business. Discover also how an intangible asset perspective can influence investment decisions.

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