Corporate Governance & Risk Management

Business environments are dynamically changing and characterized by increased volatility of market movement, evolving complexities of business models and intense competition. Business enterprises need to have a strategic viewpoint of their overall business environment in order to minimize and mitigate the various risks likely to be encountered within this dynamically changing context.

Our team of professionals would be able to assist business enterprises to understand the market dynamics, regulatory requirements and operational risks so as to better manage and mitigate the associated risks.

We provide advisory services in the following areas:

  • Corporate Governance review
  • Enterprise Risk Management assessment
  • Internal Audit

Our objective is to help business enterprises enhance and strengthen their risk management framework and processes with strategic focus, so that they are able to achieve their corporate objectives of enhancing shareholders' value and increase profitability.

We recognize the need for good corporate governance practices and strong internal control systems as prerequisites for corporate prosperity and high shareholders' values. We assist clients in the following areas:

Corporate Governance review

  • Review and make recommendations for good Corporate Governance practices
  • Formulate and set-up Corporate Governance framework
  • Assess compliances with Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance

Enterprise Risk Management assessment

  • Strategic review of enterprise risks and prescribes risk mitigation procedures
  • Formulate risk management framework
  • Risk assessment and monitoring
  • Design of risk management strategies

Internal Audit

  • Conduct internal audits as outsourced internal auditors
  • Internal control reviews for ACE market listing
  • Process review fort enhance efficiency
  • Draft of Standard Operating Procedures ("SOP") and process workflow
  • System review on controls