GST Consulting

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is basically a multi stage and broad based consumption tax (i.e. tax on spending/expenses rather than income earned) and is imposed on all types of goods and services in Malaysia except those specifically exempted. In addition, importation of goods and services into Malaysia may also be subject to GST.

The significance of GST (which affects every transaction entered into by businesses) is that it would have an impact across various business functions and not just the tax or finance function. In view of this, new issue/risks can always arise as businesses go through changes (such as expansion, restructuring, merger, change in accounting staff force etc.) and as such, the facts and circumstances may need to be regularly considered/re-considered carefully in deciding the correct GST treatment. Further, the laws and regulations are expected to be subject to regular update, review and amendment to address grey areas not adequately explained and to deal with practical issues that arise. The onus is on businesses to stay alert and up-to-date to ensure compliance with the latest position of the law (and regulations) and the stand taken by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (“RMCD”) and its Director General.


Our valued approach - Trustworthy, Responsible and Effective GST Advisor

We are committed to offering solutions that are customised to the needs of your business.

We bring together our commercial acumen, experience and specialised knowledge to provide practical and focused GST compliance and advisory services. Our dedicated professionals have you covered, always. We will recommend you the latest developments and best practices to help you continuously comply with GST as the business is growing and minimise risk.


Our range of services includes the following:-

  • Registration planning and submission
  • Assist newly set up companies with implementation to ensure strict compliance to the GST laws and system (GST implementation)
  • Review of monthly or quarterly GST return prior to submission to RMCD
  • Ad hoc / periodical review or health-check
  • GST technical support for accounting personnel (retainer)
  • GST audits and appeals
  • Follow up on refund
  • Customised in-house training